Covid 19 Covid 19

Safety will always come first. Period.

Our story. As we were preparing for our Season 1 & Season 2 summer 2020 productions in Montreal, our planet was impacted by a pandemic. Many countires (including Canada) created travel bans into their country, and just like that - we had to hit the ‘to be continuedʼ button. As you can imagine, our entire global ecosystem was sadded but the news (letʼs be clear our 5D experience is one of the key highlights for our partners). However, these humans not only have the IQ, they also posses the EQ. They totally understood, safety comes first.

Push back the Production / Fall 2020.

As we replanned and rescheduled our productions, our organization stayed optimistic and tried to push forward to October 2020, as our team worked tirelessly to create an even better 5D experience, the news broke out again that international travel bans arose once again. We felt defeated, however as our creator & executive producer, Chris LaVoie says - ‘Safety must come first, period, but the show will go on.ʼ

Miami Beach, Maye Musk & The Knowledge Society finish the story

Can’t Make TSM Season 2 No Worries

At TSM the safety of our fellow humans come first. We understand that some brilliant minds won’t be able to participate in season 2 due to COVID or the international travel ban. If this is the case for participants we want you to know that we will be happy to carry your partnership into Season 3 (June 7-10, 2022) Should you need additional information please feel free to reach out.