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Christopher Lavoie

The Social Movement
Maye Musk Vishen Lakhiani Amy Purdy

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The Smartest Teenagers on the Planet

The Knowledge Society
The Knowledge Society

Inspired by the greatest visionary leaders of our time Our creator & executive producer, Christopher Lavoie asked himself one life-changing question, 'What would our world be like if more humans were empowered? What if more humans could tap into their mindset? Would these humans evolve to be the next Musk, Branson, Purdy, Lakhiani. What if the next name on that list is yours?

Let's just say that Mr. Lavoie has witnessed the ordinary become extraordinary.

4 Days to Solve these Social Issues Together

4 days to reinvent our education system

4 days to end cyberbullying

4 days to end poverty

4 days to cure cancer

4 days to end the climate crisis

4 days to end hunger

4 days to end racism

4 days to end suicide

4 days to end economic inequality

4 days to end a pandemic

4 Days to Solve these Social Issues Together
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