The Social Movement (TSM)

TSM valiantly challenges top entrepreneurs, investors, and visionaries to unapologetically solve social issues impacting humanity. Each team has four days to engineer viable business solutions to solve racism, cyberbullying, climate change, or the biggest global crisis in motion today, ‘Four Days to Prevent a Pandemic.’ Entrepreneurs will be joined by students from The Knowledge Society, an organization training kids to impact billions.

TSM will headline Amy Purdy, 2018 Paralympics silver medalist, and US co-founder of Adaptive Action Sports. Vishen Lakhiani, Malaysian-born entrepreneur, author of The Code of The Extraordinary Mind and The Buddha & The Badass, co-founder of Mindvalley, and motivational speaker who will mentor the teams and audience.

Viewers have the opportunity to actively participate by investing in life-changing businesses created by these teams. Unlike most hit TV series where the audience downloads an app and votes for their favorite person, (i.e. singer) to win, with TSM, every business has the potential to gain funding. The power is with the audience’s investment in their favorite team’s social issue business solution. This is made possible by leveraging TSM as an asset to gain funding through the TMX Billion Dollar Fund, an innovation fund. Through purposeful entertainment, we the people have a fighting chance to impact humanity at scale leaving behind a generational legacy.